About us

SIMON was founded in 2019 by a group of people with years of experience in the industry of medical devices.

Observing the lack of dedicated solutions on the market in the field of ensuring the safety of travel for children with disabilities, we decided to create a bespoke car seat available like of shelf product. A seat that meets the expectations of both parents and therapists. A seat that increases the comfort of traveling, ensures maximum safety and allows you to maintain the therapeutic effect developed during many hours of therapeutic classes.

We have already seen how important it is to have a proper, stable standing and sitting posture and how it can strengthen and maintain the therapeutic effect obtained during rehabilitation. Knowing the needs of disabled children, we took up the challenge of creating a completely innovative product, unique in its class.

When drawing up the design assumptions in 2019, we did not realize how difficult conditions we would have to implement the project. We experienced legal changes, lock-downs, difficulties in obtaining materials due to so-called supply chains, lack of availability of some services, and despite the adversities, the motivation and goal that guided us, has had allowed us to achieve the intended goal.

We are not going to stop and we always look forward to have more ideas of devices that will improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.